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Confessions of a shop-a-holic

So, yesterday while I was home sick from work I got a little bored and went online shopping.  I don't normally buy a lot of merchandise online.  I prefer to see the product first and hold it in my hand before I purchase something.  I'm weird like that.  But yesterday I may have gotten a little carried away -- I went on a bit of a spree...

I had been debating whether or not to preorder this DVD set, but I finally decided -- yes, I need to own this series:
Sports Night 10th Anniversary Edition Complete Series DVD Set
It's being release at the end of September so I have something to look forward to in the fall!  Yay!  I haven't actually seen an episode of Sports Night since 2001, but I really loved the series back then.

I can't believe I do not already own this:
The American President
It's only my favorite Aaron Sorkin film ever (Charlie Wilson's War runs a close second, followed by A Few Good Men)!  I used to have a video cassette of The American President, but I literally watched it so many times that I wore it out.  But even if I hadn't worn out the video, I don't actually own a VCR anymore.

I don't really need this item, and I don't really have a place to put it, but I really want it:
Boeing-Boeing show poster
Okay, I haven't actually ordered this yet, but I'll probably break down before long.  I may be moving to a new place in the next 6 months, and I'm thinking about decorating my guestroom/study in neutral tones with splashes of red.  With the right frame and mat, it should make a nice focal point.

I think I've spent enough money on stuff I don't need for a while, don't you?

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