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Top Ten!

Rolling Stone recently released a special issue containing it's list of "the greatest band's 100 greatest songs."  Check out the top ten starting here at rollingstone.com.

If Rolling Stone can make a list, I can make one, too, right? Here are my favorite songs by the Fab Four (Yes, there are 11 because I couldn't narrow the list down to only ten!):

11. Michelle
10. Eleanor Rigby 
9. Hello, Goodbye
8. A Day in the Life
7. Penny Lane
6. Let It Be
5. Hey Jude
4. Here Comes the Sun
3. Yesterday
2. Blackbird
1. In My Life

Obviously, I'm a fan of Paul's voice.

Honorable mentions: I Will, And I Love Her, Day Tripper, Help!, Paperback Writer, Nowhere Man, and I'm Looking Through You

Edit: I just ran across this blog post at Yahoo! Music. It asks: Who was the foremost Beatle, John or Paul?
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