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Doggy Genius

This has nothing to do with anything; I just thought it was interesting:

Dogs Sneak Food When We're Not Looking (from Discovery News)

"Before every dog owner and lover reading this comments, "Duh! I knew that already," the finding is not to be taken lightly. The research...adds to the growing body of evidence that dogs possess theory of mind, the ability to attribute mental states to oneself and others. In other words, dogs can likely perceive what we see and know, allowing them to take advantage of us when opportunity arises."

Heh. My beagle Penny (now deceased) was a master at this. Once while I was out running an errand, she managed to climb up a barstool and onto my kitchen counter where she proceeded to eat an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies.  I probably would never have figured out how the cookies disappeared if I hadn't walked into the house as she was trying to climb back down from the counter.  I freaked out at first because it's dangerous for dogs to eat large amounts of chocolate. I shouldn't have worried; she was totally fine. I'm pretty sure her stomach was made of iron.  Ah, memories. :-)
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