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"...in my head, I'm 24."

Here's a lovely interview from The New York Times with Ringo Starr on the eve of his 70th birthday:  Ringo at 70: 'I'm Not Hiding From It, You Know'

Some selected quotes that I thought were cool:

On what he considers an advanced age:
"I think 90. But we'll see. It's a birthday at a time."

On the Vatican's recent approval of the Beatles:
"It didn't affect me in any way, but I do believe that the Vatican have better things to deal with than forgiving the Beatles."

On how the Beatles continue to resonate in popular culture:
"What’s more interesting to me is that our records are still coming out. And they’re the same records and the new generation gets to hear them, and as far as that’s concerned, that’s the most important thing to me. The music we make, it’s still going on."

Happy birthday, Ringo, with sincerest hope that you find out what it feels like to be 90. :-)
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