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The folks over at TV Guide gave Bradley Whitford a "cheers" for his role as Dan Stark on Fox's The Good Guys.  Here's what they had to say:

"Cheers to Bradley Whitford for his full-throttle comedic performance as dissolute Dallas cop Dan Stark on Fox's new action hoot The Good Guys. It's hard to imagine a character more starkly opposed to Whitford's breakthrough role as hyperverbal White House staffer Josh Lyman on The West Wing. With his well-combed porn-stache, retreating hairline, fashion-crime wardrobe and penchant for booze, broads and busting punks, he's like a Southern-fried Sipowicz, only played for belly laughs. You've gotta admire an actor who's so willing to sacrifice his vanity for the sake of his odd-couple chemistry with buttoned-down partner Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks). It's too bad the title Turner & Hooch was taken by Colin's dad, because you can practically smell the sour mash on Dan's breath."

I have to say, I liked the second episode better than the first. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments for me, especially whenever Dan called the laptop "the computer machine." (*winks at gatsbyfan *)  I thought I was going to miss sexy Brad, but funny Brad is not a terrible trade-off.
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