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One Fish, Two Fish

Next up on my movie watch list is an award-winning Australian film from 2005:

Little Fish (2005)
Directed by:  Rowan Woods
Written by:  Jacquelin Perske
Starring:  Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill, Martin Henderson, Dustin Nguyen, Noni Hazelhurst, Joel Tobeck

Tracy Heart (Blanchett) spent the last four years recovering from heroin addiction, and now at age 32, she lives at home with her mother Janelle (Hazelhurst) and works as a manager of a video rental store in the Little Saigon area of Sydney.  She has aspirations to go into partnership with her boss by expanding the business into online gaming, but is unable to secure a loan due to her past transgressions.  Meanwhile, she's trying to keep her delicate relationship with her mom from crumbling while helping family friend Lionel (Weaving) kick his drug habit. Desperate to find a way to fund her business venture, Tracy becomes involved in complicated plan involving her ex-boyfriend (Nguyen) and her drug dealing brother (Henderson), and a deceitful employee (Tobeck) of a retired drug kingpin (Neill).

I had never heard of this movie until a few months ago when one of my friends mentioned it.  It's an interesting look at the struggles recovering addicts face once they're clean:  the difficulties in regaining trusting relationships with their families and keeping the temptations of their former habit out of their lives (which is impossible in some instances).

Cate Blanchett turns out a rough, realistic performance as Tracy. The viewer can easily sympathize with her desire to make her life better and wipe away her checkered past.  I was most impressed by Weaving's performance as a washed up former football (soccer) star, who is struggling to get clean and mend his broken relationship with Tracy's mom.  This movie is worth watching just for Weaving, if you ask me. He was incredible, and in fact, he won the Australian Film Institute award for Best Actor for his role (Cate won AFI's Best Actress as well). I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see much of Sam Neill. His part as "The Jockey" wasn't huge, but it was somewhat pivotal. I would have liked his character to have been a little more fleshed out; it would have made parts of the story more clear.  For example, how did Lionel become involved with this guy?

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