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No wonder I'm scared of clowns

I went to see The Dark Knight with my cousin and her two sons this afternoon.  I need to preface this post by saying that I am not a comic book fan.  There's nothing wrong with them, they're just not really my thing.  I'm also not normally an action movie kind of girl, but The Dark Knight was actually pretty good (plus Christian Bale is totally hot).  

I was most impressed by Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker.  He was pretty darn scary.  I think my cousin's seven year old was slightly traumatized at first (he got over it though).  It's too bad about Ledger's untimely death.  He was so talented.  I would love for him to be nominated posthumously for an Academy Award, but I don't know if that's very likely.

Michael Caine is, as usual, excellent as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred.  He's such a classy guy.  I love him in everything.

Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal was the perfect replacement for Katie Holmes.  I really wish she had played Rachel in Batman Begins too.  But that's probably because I'm not a Katie Holmes fan.  Back in the day, I was the only one of my friends who thought Dawson's Creek was stupid.

Another honorable mention -- Aaron Eckhart was great as the ill-fated Harvey Dent.  Eckhart's character is a good example of how little I know about the comic book history of Batman:  I did not realize that Harvey Dent and Two-Face were the same person.  Duh.

And finally, Gary Oldman reprises his role as Jim Gordon.  Can you say awesome?  He is such a versatile actor.  He's looks so completely different as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies...if I didn't already know it was Oldman in both roles, I would think characters were played by two different actors.
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