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Dream a little dream...

I have been having crazy dreams lately!  I was kind of sick earlier in the week, so at first I thought that was why, but they've continued even though I'm feeling better.

Last week I dreamed that my mother came to visit me and when we walked inside the house after I picked her up from the airport, the kitchen was filled with giant rattlesnakes. Seriously, their heads were the size of watermelons.  I tried to run away, but one of them grabbed me by the shoe and then ripped off the heel.  Scary.  I also dreamed that I got a C- on a major research paper that was due a couple of weeks ago (in reality I got an A-), so that freaked me out, too.

Then, on Monday night I dreamed that I was on What Not to Wear, except I wasn't actually the nominee, I was just on set watching.  The woman who was nominated dressed like a Viking (complete with fake beard) because she thought Vikings were cool).  That's not the weird part, though.  She also had TWO sets of eyebrows.  She had somehow waxed or tweezed her eyebrows so that there were two above each eye -- one on top of the other -- and they were extremely thick.  It was not attractive.

Finally, last night I dreamed that I was inside a room with some of my friends and one of our other friends was next door in a separate room.  This other friend was supposed to come over, but she never did, so I decided to go check on her.  When I opened the door, the hallway was filled with water almost to the ceiling.  The room started to fill with water, too, and I had to swim up toward the ceiling so I could breathe.   I don't know how I knew this in the dream, but I realized my other friend in the next room was going to drown if I didn't go save her, so I tried to get there but the water kept splashing up into my face so I couldn't breathe.  And then I woke up. 

Needless to say, the snake/bad grade dream and the drowning dream were both very unsettling.  The Viking lady dream was just plain weird!
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