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Taking Flight

Juliet Landau's short film, Take Flight, premieres online today (from Backstage Magazine's Blog Stage).

"What began as a simple "making of" for a music video actor Gary Oldman directed on Nokia (N93-1) cell phone cameras turned into a technologically groundbreaking yet intimate glimpse into Oldman’s creative process.... Not only does the audience get to see a goofier, looser, and even wistful side to the famous actor whose characters are usually borderline psychotic, but because Oldman shot his "Red Rover" music video for Chutzpah solely on cell phones, much of "Take Flight" is from his own POV. "

More info, including a trailer, interviews with the filmmakers, and a link to stream the movie itself (for $2.49 or something), can be found here:  http://www.julietlandaustakeflight.com/.