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Evil has a face...ten, actually!

I agree with this entire list (although I might rearrange the order slightly):
Hollywood's 10 Most Eeeeevil Actors (from Moviefone)

10. Joe Pantoliano
9. Gary Oldman (Nine? Really? I'd put him at least at four or five.)
8. Ian McShane
7. Ray Winstone (Which reminds me, I need to post my thoughts on Nil By Mouth.)
6. Jason Isaacs (I like to think of Colin on The West Wing as a bad guy, even though he really wasn't!)
5. Max von Sydow
4. Sean Bean
3. Danny Huston
2. Jeremy Irons
1. Alan Rickman (YES! Perfect #1!)

Be sure to read the full article for Moviefone's reasoning and some examples of these fine actors' eeeeevil film roles. Is there anyone you'd add to the list? Mark Strong or Christoph Waltz, maybe?


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Feb. 19th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
As a listophile, I have to say that is a great list! Thanks, piney!

I think these are very good choices. But Joe Pantoliano? Sean Bean? IDK, they seem evil despite their faces.

You know I have to suggest this person:

And this is him just hanging out on a red carpet somewhere. I tend not to right-click-save the pics where he looks truly ferocious, cause no matter what I find him quite squishable. But CKR, in character, has killed or terrorized more people than that entire list combined.

Hmmm....I love this topic. BRB with more suggestions.

Feb. 20th, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)
You're welcome! Okay, this guy looks so familiar, but I can't place him! Who is he and where have I seen him before?

I thought of a couple of others: Christopher Walken and Ralph Fiennes...there's another good one I thought of earlier, but I can't remember him now (That's what happens when you accidently mix wine and decongestant...oops!).
Feb. 20th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
It's Callum Keith Rennie. Most people know him from Battlestar Galactica, but he has a very long resume.

Sorry for being so unclear! He's my favorite actor and I've gone on about him at such length in the past that I figured you knew. *g*)

I think he's a doll and he can play such sweet characters. But he's well known for guesting on shows as some kind of psycho killer. Most recently, 24.

I was thinking of Ralph Fiennes! Schindler's List and Harry Potter should put him on that list. And Christopher Walken is also a good choice.

One I was going to suggest is Rufus Sewell. But I think that's because my favorite evil characters are evil in a...delightful way. Like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood, there is a delicious quality to Rufus Sewell's Ademar in A Knight's Tale. He's played other bad guys, but that's one of my favorite villains of all time. Cold and ruthless but subtle and sort of hilarious.

Feb. 20th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
Ah, that's probably why I don't know him -- I've never watched Battlestar Galactica. But I just looked at his filmography on IMDb and he's practically been in every television series ever made, so I'm sure I've seen him before! I'll make sure to keep an eye out for him...he sounds like an actor I would enjoy!

Rufus Sewell is a great choice! I loved him in A Knight's Tale, too. He's played some fantastic bad guy roles. I rewatched The Holiday over Christmas, and I had completely forgotten he played Kate Winslet's character's jerky ex-boyfriend.

I was also going to suggest Cillian Murphy...he's played a few bad guys and done a great job with them, but his resume is still rather thin. Give him a few years, though, and he'll definitely be in the running.

Edited at 2010-02-20 07:26 pm (UTC)
Feb. 27th, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)
Christoph Waltz is definitely going on the list. And Kevin Spacey. And Fredric Lehne. And others but I can't remember right now.
Feb. 27th, 2010 04:41 pm (UTC)
Oh, Kevin Spacey's a great addition to the list! Love him.
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