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"We live here now."

I've decided I'm going to rewatch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip from the very beginning.  I purchased the complete series DVD when it first came out last year, but it has sat on my shelf unopened since then.  Who knows how long it will actually take for me to go through all 22 episodes -- I kind of have a lot going on right now, both at work and at home -- but I'm going to try to post my thoughts as I progress through the series.  I doubt I will comment on every single episode, though.

I really did like Studio 60 when it first aired, and I hated that it got canceled.  Yes, the show had its problems.  No, it wasn't one of Aaron Sorkin's best works.  Compared to The West Wing it was, well, not that good.  But in my opinion, it was still one of the best shows on television that particular season.  We'll see if my opinion changes after my re-watch.

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