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The last day of 2009!

Happy (almost) New Year! Since it's nearly 2010, that must mean the interwebs are crawling with "Best of the Decade" lists, right? Right!

InStyle recently posted a photo gallery of their 100 Best Dresses of the Decade (worn by celebrities at public events from 2000 through 2009).  It's totally worth the time it takes to look through the entire gallery as there are some gorgeous dresses that made the list (Plus a few not-so-gorgeous ones, but apparently InStyle thinks they look good. Whatever, InStyle, you just go ahead and think it and the rest of the world will know you're wrong.).

I was disappointed to see my favorite dress failed to make the cut.  It's this one:

Cate Blanchett at the 2005 Academy Awards (where she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator).  I think it's the contrast between the deep burgundy sash and the pale yellow fabric that makes this gown so unforgettable to me.

Just for fun, check out Empire Online's Review of the Decade.  It's a very thorough review (multiple categories!!!) of movies from the 2000s.
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