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I now have "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head.

I went to see Mamma Mia this afternoon.  I've never seen the Broadway musical so I don't have any way to compare the two, but the movie was really cute.  "Fun" is the word I'd use to describe it...the perfect way to spend a hot (currently 93 degrees in the shade) summer afternoon.

Meryl Streep, in a word, rocks.  I did not know she could sing!  The entire time I was in the theater I was trying to place the actress who plays Sophie, then it hit me -- she was in Mean Girls.  She was, well, one of the mean girls.  She also has a really great voice.  Of the three leading men I was most impressed by Colin Firth's performance -- very much NOT Mr. Darcy.  And Pierce Brosnan was good, but he needed to work with his voice coach a bit more.

I forgot how much I like ABBA until today.  I had this friend in college who went through a phase during our junior year where she listened to nothing but ABBA for three months straight (I should also note that she has the most random taste in music of anyone I've ever met in my entire life).  It got kind of annoying after a while (especially when I was trying to study for my Finance mid-term), but the songs really are fun.  And they stay with you.  For example, I know all the words to "Take a Chance on Me," and I have no earthly idea how that happened.  The lyrics just invade your brain.

I'm think next time I'm in New York I might go see the musical if it's still open then.  You know, just for the heck of it.

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