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Oh, give me a break!

MTV compares Twilight and Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Seriously, MTV? Stop. Just stop before you hurt yourself. The two are not comparable. Period. End of sentence.

All this New Moon madness makes me want to vomit. You know what would really be horrific? -- MTV's idiotic "Gore Girls" are obviously comparing (or unsuccessfully attempting to compare) the movies, but what if they tried to compare the BOOKS?!?! Oh, wait. They probably don't know how to read. Nevermind.

However, I will give some credit to Jenni Miller for saying nice things about Gary Oldman:
"I think Gary has been a sex symbol since "Sid and Nancy." He was lovely in "Immortal Beloved" as well, and "The Professional.""

I stand firm in my opinion that the other chick is a complete imbecile, though.

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