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Plastic cups as fashion

It's only the first episode of Project Runway season 5 and I'm already annoyed by 75% of the contestants. 

The guy (sorry, it's too early in the season for me to have learned all their names yet!) who made the cocktail dress entirely out of blue Solo plastic cups?  Yeah, that was pretty cool.  I was impressed, especially since pretty much everyone else used table cloths.  Cheaters.

The vacuum cleaner bag girl (Kelly??) won.  Her dress was interesting but the cup dress is still my favorite.

And Jerry was eliminated, deservingly so.  Honestly, how could he not realize his model looked like a nurse in a psychiatric ward?  In reality though, the garbage bag dress was the worst design.  She (still no clue of this chick's name) didn't even try.  Plus she grates on my nerves.

Also, Heidi Klum looked really fabulous in this episode.  I would love to be able to afford the clothes she wears.

On a related note, I'm already trying to decide whether or not to keep watching the show after it moves to Lifetime next season...I may be getting a little ahead of myself, though!  But no matter what I decide, I will always *heart* Tim Gunn.