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Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics

Why are they conducting polls on this?  Were the pollsters bored or something and just decided to start making up random questions for fun?  I am a HUGE animal lover, but whether or not the candidate owns a pet has no bearing on my choice for President.
On a side note, I think Obama should adopt a dog from an animal shelter for his girls when the election is over.  Save a life by rescuing a homeless pet!

And finally, just because I like to relate everything back to The West Wing:

From "The Leadership Breakfast"

[picks up the phone] 
I want to tack on a question, okay? "Would you object?.." 
"Would you have?.." "Yes or no would you have an objection if..." 
[to Sam, closing the mouthpiece]
What should the question be?

"If the White House would move the Press Corps to Trenton, New Jersey,
would you give a flying...?"

[into the phone] 
"Would you object to the White House moving the Press
Room out of the West Wing and into a facility across the street?" 
Read it back.

Many thanks to
The West Wing Transcripts for the quote!

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