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Music is a powerful thing

I went to see The Soloist yesterday afternoon.  I highly recommend it!  There were a couple of uneven plot points (I would've liked seeing a little more of the main characters' backstories), but the performances were amazing!  Robert Downey, Jr. was outstanding (as always) as Los Angeles Times reporter Steve Lopez, and Jamie Foxx was absolutely stellar as homeless musician Nathaniel Ayers.

I always enjoy films based on true stories, and I found this one quite touching...it deals with homelessness, schizophrenia, and the power of music.  I also might be a little biased because part of the story takes place at a newspaper...the filmakers even touch on the struggles the newspaper industry is going through right now (If you go see the film, keep an eye out for all the references to layoffs and watch for one scene where an employee in the background is being escorted out of the office by police with a box of her possessions).

I found an article this morning that has a nice interview with the real Steve Lopez here.  If you want to learn more about Lopez, Ayers, and the Los Angeles LAMP community, visit Steve's website.
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