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For those of you who are interested, Brad's episode of Monk is scheduled to air this Friday.

Episode Description (from USA):
When Natalie unwittingly helps a thief steal the bicycle of a biotech CEO, she ropes Monk into solving a crime straight out of "Encyclopedia Brown" -- until Monk learns the hard way how dangerous this thief really is. Bradley Whitford and Pamela Adlon guest star in "Mr. Monk Gets Shot" Friday, January 16 at 9/8C on USA Network.

There is also a promo video of the ep on the Monk website, but Brad isn't in it, and the clip doesn't mention him at all as a guest star. :-(

I went to NBC Universal's Media Village this morning (which I used to visit sometimes when The West Wing was still on the air to check for photos and upcoming episode titles, etc. but haven't been back since) and the episode photos posted there are the same as the ones I linked to last week on IMDb, except these actually have captions.  According to the captions, Brad's character's name is "Dean Berry."
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