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That's a rumor!

Found this on Slate (I've been finding a lot of interesting things there lately).

A couple of these "rumors" had me laughing out loud.  

On a related note, I got an incredibly STUPID email from a co-worker a couple of weeks ago warning me that Obama is very possibly the Anti-Christ.  Apparently he meets the description of the Anti-Christ from Revelations 13.  Um, no.  I've read Revelations multiple times in my life there is nothing in there that is remotely similar to Obama.  Maybe if you turn the Bible upside down, squint real hard, and read the pages backward.  What really got me is that the woman actually took the email seriously!  I mean come on, even if you are a religious person it still seems pretty farfetched.  She sent it to everyone in my department and got the entire office stirred up about it ("Wow, that is really scary!"  "There's definitely something creepy about that guy."  "You know he's a Muslim, right?").  I kindly told her where she could shove her dumb-ass emails.  Okay, I was a little nicer than that -- after all, I do have to see the woman every day.
I don't know what to do when I'm confronted with people like that.  I mean, I want to clarify misconceptions about Obama (like the fact that he is NOT A MUSLIM!) but the people who believe those emails are not interested in hearing the truth.  They are already so dead-set against him because they don't like the color of his skin or his family history or his political beliefs, that they aren't willing to listen.  And they are perfectly happy to remain ignorant.  They're too lazy to even get on the internet to verify that the rumor is true before they pass it along to all their friends.  *sigh*

It's going to be a long four and half months.
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