May 20th, 2009

total crackpot day again

Fun with peeves!

You know what really bugs the crap out of me?  When people spell actors' names wrong. 

I can't stand it when people spell Joshua Malina's name "Joshua Molina."

I can't stand it when people spell Janel Moloney's name "Janel Maloney."

Maybe it's just a West Wing thing, because it also really bothers me when people spell President Bartlet's name with two Ts instead of just one.  Yes, I know the real Josiah Bartlett had two Ts, but this is the fictional guy and Aaron Sorkin chose to spell his name with one.  Do me a favor and follow his lead. 

Is it strange that this bothers me more than when people spell my own name wrong?  My first name isn't unusual, but it can be spelled no less than SIX different ways, so I guess I'm just used to people spelling it wrong because they've done it my whole life.

I'm a little more understanding about the misspelled name thing on places like LJ or personal blogs, but when an actors' name is misspelled in an actual news item it drives me absolutely batty!  The other day I read an article about In Plain Sight where the author spelled Mary McCormack's name "Mary MacCormick."  She's the lead actress in the series and you can't be bothered to do enough research to ensure her name is spelled right?  Seriously??

Okay, rant over.  Thanks for indulging me.