December 23rd, 2008

carol of the bells

A Very Merry West Wing Christmas: Day Three

I'm running a little late, but it's not midnight here yet, so I'm technically still on schedule.  Up next:

Bartlet For America (Ep. 3.10)
Written by:  Aaron Sorkin
Directed by:  Thomas Schlamme

Episode Description (from NBC):
While the White House is festooned with Christmas finery, Leo (John Spencer) fears the worst when he testifies in the Congressional investigation into the President's (Martin Sheen) possible lack of public disclosure about his illness while flashbacks reveal the background leading to Bartlet's decision as governor to not come forward with the damaging information. In addition, the President personally investigates a series of church firebombings in the South after a two-year probe proves fruitless and threatens using troops to protect parishioners the next day on Christmas Eve. 

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