December 22nd, 2008


Christmas, Post-Ike

After Hurricane Ike hit, Pam and Warren Adams' house was the only one left standing on the Gulf Coast side of Gilchrist, TX.  Most of you probably saw the pictures -- they were all over the news, and I posted some links to various photo galleries the week after Ike -- a single yellow house on wooden piers surrounded by nothing but devastation. Anyway, it's Christmas and the Adams have decorated their home in colored lights:

"Adams described the lights as a beacon in the dark, proving "there is still life in Gilchrist." She said countless friends, former neighbors and passers-by have thanked them for the holiday display. One woman even expressed her gratitude "for giving my children hope.""
Read the original story about the Adams' house here.

Oh, and FYI, today is my one-year LJ-versary.  YAY!
Josh's Noel breakdown

A Very Merry West Wing Christmas: Day Two

My West Wing Christmas Viewing Spectacular continues tonight with:

Noel (Ep. 2.10)
Teleplay by:  Aaron Sorkin
Story by:  Peter Parnell
Directed by:  Thomas Schlamme

Episode Description (from NBC):
Christmas draws near as an unstable Josh (Bradley Whitford) is ordered by Leo (John Spencer) to consult with a doctor who specializes in analyzing trauma victims. What's particularly telling is Josh's identification with a dead fighter pilot who recently took his own life by deliberately crashing his jet -- a man who coincidentally shared his birthday and experienced emotional trauma after being shot down over Bosnia. Elsewhere: the President wants to personally sign all of his Christmas cards -- which total hundreds of thousands; Sam (Rob Lowe) confronts a representative of the Energy Secretary who publicly advocates release of federal oil reserves; C.J. (Allison Janney) gets personally involved when a foreign White House tourist becomes extremely agitated at the sight of a painting donated by the French government.

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