October 9th, 2008

on the stairs in The Wedding

Not your typical Obama supporters

Two men from Missouri, Tony Viessman and Les Spencer, have started a grassroots movement to help elect Barack Obama:
"I'm shocked, actually, but excited" that such a demographic would be organizing support for Obama, said student Naia Ferguson...."When most people think 'redneck,' they think conservatives, anti-change, even anti-integration," she said. "But America's changing, breaking stereotypes."

Normally I find people who use incorrect grammar annoying, but in this case I find it endearing:

"We need to build the economy from the bottom up, none of this trickle down business," Spencer said. "Just because you're white and southern don't mean you have to vote Republican."

Viessman says he'd like to think his grassroots movement could sway enough people in small-town America to make a difference. "There's lots of other rednecks for Obama too," he said. "And the ones that's not, we're trying our best to convince them."

These guys even have a website: http://www.rednecks4obama.com