September 2nd, 2008

who said anything about talking

Addicted to The West Wing since 2004

So, this week we're rewatching Manchester Part I over at ww_renaissance and the episode got me to thinking about how I first discovered The West Wing.  Everyone has a "How I Got Hooked" story and Manchester Part I plays a major role in mine.

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It was actually really fun to start watching in the middle of the series.  I had to put the pieces together like a puzzle to figure out what had happened in previous seasons and to learn all the characters' backstories.  I think solving those mysteries and gathering all those bits of information made me even more appreciative of the series.  And the cool thing is, even today, four years later, I'm still finding new things to love about The West Wing!

Oh, and thanks so much to Political Affairs for the Josh/Donna quotes!