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I should watch 30 Rock on a regular basis.

Message to Janel:  You're so pretty.  Please lose the bangs.

I really don't know why I don't watch 30 Rock on a regular basis.  I love Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey (Tracy Morgan not so much, but whatever).  I think I was a little bit miffed that NBC picked up 30 Rock and cancelled Studio 60 even though they both had equally sucky ratings.  I'm over it now, and I loved this episode, so maybe I will watch more often.

Janel was adorable tonight.  She does both pathetic and lovesick very well.  Here's what I want to know, how did she not realize that Jack was not really Larry?  How do you not recognize your ex-boyfriend you've apparently been in love with for the last 20 years?  That's why the show's so funny, though, because the stuff that happens is completely outrageous!

I was so glad to see Janel do comedy.  She would be great in a sitcom.

Did anyone notice Diane Neal from Law & Order: SVU as one of Liz's former classmates?  She has some extremely awful stuck-in-the-eighties hair.  I laughed out loud when she came on screen!  Too funny!

In other news, happy early birthday to [info]gatsbyfan.  Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

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