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I totally agree.

Josh & Amy made TV Gal's list of least favorite TV couples at Zap2it.
I don't always agree with TV Gal's opinions on certain shows, but I do love that she's a loyal West Wing/Josh & Donna fan!

I should really get out of this new habit I've developed of posting at work...my publisher just walked by.


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Dec. 2nd, 2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
I liked Amy *ducks*, but I know I'm in the minority. And I mostly liked Josh and Amy, except for that one time with the phone and the stew and the backstabbing.

Worst couple ever: George and Izzie on Grey's. They didn't work on ANY level. When a couple kisses on TV, the viewer shouldn't cringe, you know?

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Dec. 3rd, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
Worst couple ever: George and Izzie on Grey's

Yuck, you are so right! I stopped watching the show after they got together...it was just too hard for me to watch. I've only just now started trying to get back into it, but I have yet to make it through an entire episode.

I liked Amy *ducks*, but I know I'm in the minority.

The best way to describe my opinion of Amy is one of ambivalence. There are certain things she did that made me really not like her (the phone/stew/backstabbing incident is a good example, and also pretty much the entire episode of "Constituency of One"). But then there are several episodes where I found her very relatable -- The scene in "Red Haven's on Fire" when she accidentally knocks the candle over and sets her napkin on fire (I would totally do something like that.) And I loved her in "Privateers" when she's being hazed by the senior staff. I like the Amy of Season 4 quite a bit.

I think Josh and Amy (Brad & MLP) had really great chemistry, but I was a Josh/Donna fan from the first moment I started watching the show, so that's really the only reason why I didn't like them together. Some of my Donna-love probably comes from the fact that personality-wise I identify much more with Donna than with Amy. I will say this, though: at the end of "College Kids" when Amy whispers to Josh that she misses him, I felt very sympathetic toward her.
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