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Another reason for me not to like Facebook

This is very interesting (also, not at all surprising):
"The researchers found that the number of friends and wall posts (messages left by the owner of the profile or friends) that a person had on their profile correlated with how narcissistic they were. Study leader Laura Buffardi, a Ph.D. student in psychology, said this is similar to how narcissists behave in the real world, forming numerous but shallow relationships with others."
I know a guy who does this.  He has 587 Facebook friends or some other ungodly number.  He meets some random person one time for two minutes at a party and adds them just to bump up his numbers.  The thing is, I've never really thought of him as narcissistic.  Hmmm...
"Narcissistic Facebook users were also more likely to have glamorous, self-promoting pictures for their main profile photo, while others tended to use snapshots, the study found."
So, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that using your Glamour Shots photo is taking things a bit too far!  I will admit to having I have a nice profile picture, but it's still a snapshot.  One of the bridesmaids snapped a photo of me at my friend's wedding and it turned out really good.  And I used to sometimes use pictures of my dog on my profile before she died (not after, though, because that's creepy!).
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